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<br />Otay Water District | Public Services Division | (619) 670-2241 | 2554 Sweetwater Springs Blvd | Spring Valley, CA 91978-2004 <br /> BOND PACKAGE APPLICATION <br />Y:\Public Services New\Webpage\Previous\BOND INFORMATION APPLICATION 2019MASTER.docx <br /> <br />OWD Project Number: OWD Project Name: <br /> <br />Attach Engineer's Estimate <br />a. stamped and signed by engineer <br />b. OWD Project Number / OWD Project Name <br />c. separate potable, recycled water and sewer appurtenances <br /> <br />Developer Name as it appears on all legal documents: <br />Contact Name: Contact E-Mail Address: <br />Address: <br />City: State: ZIP Code: <br />Phone: Fax: Cellular: <br />Business Entity: <br />Please state if the business entity is a sole proprietor, corporation, limited partnership, general partnership, limited <br />liability partnership, or limited liability company <br />and where the entity was formed, e.g., a California corporation, a California limited partnership, a Delaware <br />company, a California limited liability partnership. <br />Insurance Agency: <br />Contact Name: Contact E-Mail Address: <br />Address: <br />City: State: ZIP Code: <br />Phone: Fax: Cellular: <br />For which required Insurance Liability shall we contact this agent: <br /> <br />Pollution Workers Compensation Auto Commercial General Liability <br />add additional pages for all other contact information for the remainder of the required Insurance Liability policies. <br />Jurisdiction of your project: <br />Does the project include potable water? <br />Does the project include recycled water? <br />Does the project include OWD sewer? <br />Send bond package to: <br />Address: <br />City: State: ZIP Code: <br />Information provided by: <br />