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FIRE SERVICE, BACKFLOW, MASTER METER <br />PLAN REVIEW, <br />INSPECTION & APPROVAL PROCESS <br /> <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />INITIAL PLAN SUBMITTAL <br />Provide to the Otay Water District (District) the following items in order to initiate the <br />review, inspection and approval process: <br />Submittal <br />1. Full Plan Review submittal package on a USB drive containing the following: <br /> One completed Fire Service Plan checklist <br /> One 8 ½ x 11 Plan View Drawing of the proposed services <br /> One Private Water & Fire Study and Total GPM requirement for the project <br />2. District application with an initial deposit of $1,000 (per RP/RPDA). <br /> <br /> Inspection deposit shall be determined during second plan review. <br /> Meter quotes are issued upon developer’s request/application. <br /> <br />Finalize Inspection Estimate for accurate Construction Inspection Services by the <br />District to be sent to Developer; <br />District will provide a quote to the Developer including fire flow water usage; <br />Fire Flow Water Usage deposit is included with the quote. The District may <br />invoice for additional funds should water loss exceed the collected amount. <br /> <br />PLAN REVIEW AND APPROVAL PROCESS: <br />District Reviews and Finalizes Plan for construction <br /> <br />Easements granted to the District are resolved prior to this <br /> <br />Inspection Deposits are received <br /> <br />INSPECTION AND PROJECT ACCEPTANCE PROCESS: <br />Developer’s contractor calls District inspection team for pre-construction meeting <br /> <br />For the pre-construction meeting we require that the geotechnical services firm, <br />the Contractor, the Contractor's competent person, and a Developer <br />representative all are present. <br />