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CONSTRUCTION OF A WATER SYSTEM <br />PLAN REVIEW, <br />INSPECTION & APPROVAL PROCESS <br /> <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />INITIAL PLAN SUBMITTAL <br />Provide to the Otay Water District (District) the following items in order to initiate the <br />review, inspection and approval process: <br />1. Full Plan Review submittal package on a USB drive containing the following: <br /> One completed plan review checklist <br /> Proposed 24x36 improvement plan <br /> Reference grading plan <br />2. Adhere to the standard notes and signature blocks. <br />3. District application with an initial deposit of $3,000. <br /> <br /> Inspection deposit shall be determined during second plan review and <br />upon engineer’s estimate verification by the District. <br /> Meter quotes are issued upon developer’s request/application. <br /> <br />PLAN REVIEW AND APPROVAL PROCESS: <br />1. District or our consultant (Consultant) receives complete first submittal packet <br />from the customer/developer/contractor/engineer. <br />2. District or Consultant will review plans according to the plan review checklist <br />and provide comments back to the Engineer via the checklist and redlines on the <br />plans. <br />3. The Engineer will incorporate District and/or Consultant’s comments and <br />resubmit to District or Consultant the updated plans along with all previous <br />review comments and any other requested documents by way of USB drive. <br />4. In addition, the Engineer shall prepare and submit to District or Consultant an <br />engineer’s estimate and Agreement application for the initiation of the Developer <br />Agreement for the Construction of A Water System (Agreement), bonding <br />purposes and to formulate the cost of work. <br />5. District or Consultant will prepare the Agreement and requirements for proof of <br />insurance, inspection deposit and bonding. The executed Agreement by both <br />District and Developer is required prior to plan approval.