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Y:\Public Services New\Webpage\TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION METERS\FORM A Temporary Meter Request Application 2018.docx <br /> TEMPORARY METER REQUEST APPLIC ATION <br />APPLICATION PACKAGE: DEPOSIT REQUIRED: <br />1. Application - Form A <br />2. Owner Authorization - Form B <br /> Must be signed by property owner 3. Uses & Procedures – Form C or C1 <br /> Must be signed by financially responsible party <br />4. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO FIVE BUSINESS DAYS <br />FOR METER SET <br /> <br /> Standard Temp Meter w/backflow $2,046 <br /> Not for use with drop tanks <br /> The “standard size” meter provided by the District is a 3” meter that is reduced down to 2 ½ inches and includes a <br />backflow device. This unrestricted meter configuration provides flow at the low end of a standard 4 inch potable <br />meter.  Standard Temp Meter for Tank Truck Use $850 <br /> Not for earth grading purposes <br /> 4” Temp Meter $1,986 <br /> 6” Temp Meter $2,465 <br /> Project to provide backflow if required <br /> No temporary meter shall be hard plumbed without a <br />District approved and certified backflow device <br /> <br />OWNER INFORMATION <br />Company Name: <br />Contact Name: Contact E-Mail Address: <br />Company Address: <br />City: State: ZIP Code: <br />Phone: Fax: Cellular: <br />*Who is financially responsible for payment of the monthly water bill? (circle one) OWNER APPLICANT <br />*ALL REFUNDS SHALL BE SENT TO THE RESPONSIBLE BILLING PARTY AFTER TEMPORARY METER HAS BEEN PULLED <br />AND BILLING ACCOUNT CLOSED <br /> INITIALS <br /> <br />*A Temporary water meter billing account will be opened and refunded to the responsible billing party as it appears on the Temporary Water Meter Request <br />Application (Form A). The temporary water meter billing account will be applied the following billing rates and charges for 4” or greater; MONTHLY MWD & <br />CWA FIXED SYSTEM CHARGES, ENERGY CHARGES, POTABLE TEMPORARY AND CONSTRUCTION WATER RATES OR RECYCLED TEMPORARY AND <br />CONSTRUCTION WATER RATES, TEMPORARY METER INSTALL & REMOVAL. Code Of Ordinances - Section(s): 25, 31, Appendix A <br />Meter Purpose: Meter Size: <br />APPLICANT INFORMATION <br />Company Name: <br />Contact Name: Contact E-Mail Address: <br />Company Address: <br />City: State: ZIP Code: <br />Phone: Fax: Cellular: <br />PROJECT INFORMATION <br />Project Name: Project Number: <br />Project Address: Meter Rating Information <br /> <br />Size GPM Standard 300-350 <br />4" 800 <br />6" 1,600 <br />City: State: ZIP Code: <br />Assessor Parcel Number (APN): <br />If Irrigation Meter Please Provide The Following Information: <br />Station #: <br />Irrigated SF: <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Signature of Applicant: Date: <br />Otay Water District, Public Services Division <br />2554 Sweetwater Springs Blvd <br />Spring Valley, CA 91978-2004