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<br />Otay Water District, Public Services Division <br />2554 Sweetwater Springs Blvd <br />Spring Valley, CA 91978-2004 <br /> <br />Sewer Hook-Up Check List <br />Within the Otay Water District <br /> <br /> <br />1. Is the parcel within a Sewer Improvement District? <br /> <br />If yes, the customer shall contact Public Services in writing and request sewer service at the project address and proceed to step <br />2. <br /> <br />If no, the owner of the proposed project must submit in letter a request for annexation of the parcels into the Otay Water District <br />and/or Improvement District. <br /> <br />The request must include the following information: <br /> <br />o Name of project & project number <br />o Developer name or property owners address & phone number <br />o Assessor Parcel Number(s) (APN) of project <br />o Total Acreage of project <br />o A written geographic description of the area to be annexed according to the requirements described in California <br />Government Code Sections 54900 through 54903 <br />o Proof of Ownership <br /> <br />The written request and map must be addressed to: <br /> <br />Engineering Public Services <br />Otay Water District <br />2554 Sweetwater Springs Blvd. <br />Spring Valley, CA 91978-2004 <br /> <br />The written request and map will be reviewed for completeness by the Engineering Public Services Department and then <br />forwarded to various departments for process including Finance and the General Manager’s office. <br /> <br />All necessary fees and completed paperwork should be returned by the owner to the Engineering Public Services Department <br />for approval and processing of the annexation request. Public Services can be contacted at (619) 670-2241, or visit the website <br />at for the current District Processing Fee due at the time of petition and for current fees due at the time of <br />connection. <br /> <br />Current Administrative fees are due at petition: <br />District Processing Fee, Fees & Deposits <br /> <br />Current links for Annexation fees for member organizations: <br />a. California State Board of Equalization: <br />Change of Jurisdictional Boundary Requirements for Statements, <br />Geographic Descriptions, Maps and Fees <br />Sections 54900 through 54903, Government Code August 1, 2005 <br /> <br />BOE-400-TA, Statement of Boundary Change <br /> <br />b. San Diego LAFCO: <br />Change of Organization Form <br /> <br />c. San Diego County Water Authority: <br />Annexation Packet provided by Otay Water District <br /> <br />d. Metropolitan Water District: <br />The Metropolitan Water District Administrative Code <br /> <br />The District Secretary will notify the applicant in writing upon the approval of the annexation request by the District’s Board of <br />Directors. <br /> <br />If applicable, applicant must submit Sub-Area Master Plan (SAMP). <br /> <br />Once the annexation is approved the customer shall proceed to step 2. <br /> <br />2. The customer shall contact Public Services at (619) 670-2241 for issuance of a sewer permit and inspection services. <br /> <br />If a lateral exists at the parcel the cost estimate for services will reflect this <br />If a lateral does not exist at the parcel, the cost estimate for services will reflect this <br /> <br />Is the parcel located below the District’s nearest sewer main? <br /> <br />If the project is located below the District’s nearest sewer main, the sewage must be pumped and the property owner shall be <br />responsible for the purchase and maintenance of the pump. <br /> <br />Public Services will issue the permit and direct the customer to contact the Inspection Division at (619) 670-2203 to schedule a <br />Pre-Construction Meeting BEFORE any work or tie-in coordination. <br /> <br />No work shall commence at the project site until a Pre-Construction Meeting occurs <br /> <br />