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OTAY WATER DISTRICT <br />POTABLE / RECYCLED / SYSTEM CHECKLIST <br />FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A WATER SYSTEM <br /> <br />PROJECT NAME: _________________________________________PROJECT NO.: _____________________________ <br /> <br />PLAN REVIEWER: ________________________________________PEER REVIEWER: _________________________ <br /> <br />DISTRICT REQUEST MYLAR: _____________ <br /> <br /> <br />I. ALL SHEETS <br /> 1ST <br />Check <br />2nd <br />Check <br />3rd <br />Check <br />4th <br />Check <br />Comments <br /> ENG OWD ENG OWD ENG OWD ENG OWD <br />A. Medium <br /> 1. 24"x36" in size conforming to <br />District format <br /> 2. No "sticky back", glued or taped on <br />sections <br /> <br /> B. Tile block <br />C. Drawings have been verified to assure <br />that every phase conforms to the SAMP <br />and/or the OWD Master Plan, and the <br />Water Agencies Design Guidelines <br /> <br />D. Marked with the name, address and <br />telephone number of the firm preparing <br />the plans and date of preparation <br /> <br /> <br />E. Consecutively numbered with total <br />number of sheets <br /> <br />F. Standard abbreviations are per WAS <br />Standard Specification Section 01070 <br /> <br /> <br />G. Drawings are uncluttered, legible and <br />easy to understand and have a high <br />degree of uniformity <br /> <br />H. Standard symbols are per WAS <br />Standard Drawings WI-06 and or SI-06 <br />and are shown in the legend on the plans <br /> <br />I. Text sizing is per WAS Design <br />Guidelines Section 1.1.4.I.2 <br /> <br />