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<br />Y:\Public Services New\Plan Check Center - Sharepoint\Water Notes\CONNECT TO EXISTING - Potable <br />Water Mains_MASTER2018Rev1.docx <br />CONNECTION NOTE: <br />For connections to existing water mains, all wet tap connections to existing pipelines, <br />whether for mainline extension or service laterals, shall be performed by the district. The <br />contractor shall furnish the tapping sleeve or tee, valves and all other materials as called <br />for in the Water Agencies’ Standards,, Standard Specifications <br />section, in accordance with the approved materials list. The contractor shall provide all <br />equipment, labor and traffic control required for the excavation and installation of the <br />connection including but not limited to excavation by hand or machine, pouring of thrust <br />and anchor blocks, installation of gate casing, painting and wrapping of fittings, backfill and <br />compaction of trench area and pavement replacement. <br /> <br /> <br />CONNECT TO EXISTING LATERAL: <br />Contractor to remove existing end cap, thrust block and temporary blow off. Contractor to <br />connect to existing lateral using a minimum pipe length of 60 inches. <br /> <br />CONNECT TO EXISTING STUB: <br />Contractor shall excavate, remove thrust block and end cap, make connection to existing <br />stub, and backfill. Approximate thrust restraints shall be installed on each connection <br />between pipes of different materials or different outside diameters. <br /> <br /> <br />