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OTAY WATER DISTRICT <br />FIRE SERVICE PLAN CHECKLIST <br /> <br />PROJECT NAME: ___________________________________PROJECT/FSV PERMIT NO.: _____________________ <br /> <br />PLAN REVIEWER: _________________________________PEER REVIEWER: ________________________________ <br /> <br />Y:\Public Services New\Plan Check Center - Sharepoint\Reference Project (FSV)\FSV Plan Check List 2018 REV 01.docx <br />I. TITLE SHEET <br /> <br /> <br />1ST <br />Check <br />2nd <br />Check <br />3rd <br />Check <br />4th <br />Check <br />Comments <br />A. Vicinity Map: <br />1. Street names. <br />2. North Arrow. <br /> <br /> ENG OWD ENG OWD ENG OWD ENG OWD <br />B. Marked with the name, address <br />and telephone number of the firm <br />preparing the plans and date of <br />preparation. <br /> <br />C. Name, address and telephone <br />number of the owner and <br />developer. <br /> <br />D. Name and phase of <br />development (to be consistent <br />throughout the drawing). <br /> <br />E. APN or Site Address shown. <br />F. OWD Inspection Note. <br />