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<br />DESIGN REQUIREMENTS <br />FOR FIRE SERVICE 3-INCH AND LARGER <br />AND BACKFLOW ASSEMBLY INSTALLATION <br /> <br />Y:\Public Services New\Webpage\PLAN CHECKS\Fire Service_Backflow Design Requirements 2017.doc <br />Otay Water District, Public Services Division <br />2554 Sweetwater Springs Blvd <br />Spring Valley, CA 91978-2004 <br /> <br />1. Installation shall be in accordance with the Water Agencies’ Standards (WAS) <br /> <br />2. A pre-construction meeting with the District is required prior to installation <br /> <br />3. Any installation of District facilities without the benefit of District inspection is subject to rejection <br />and removal <br /> <br />4. Water Loss for fire flow testing purposes must be paid for prior to the acceptance of the project <br /> <br />5. Provide a plan view drawing on 8.5 X 11 sheet showing the following: <br /> Pipe layout including pipe size, type, and class <br />If steel pipe is used, additional submittals may be required <br /> Location and degree of angle for all bends <br />Thrust/anchor blocks required for all bends, reducers, etc. <br /> Location and size of all thrust/anchor blocks. Design thrust/anchors per WAS <br />DESIGN GUIDELINES <br />SECTION 5.0 WATER PIPELINE DESIGN <br />5.2 Thrust Restraint and Anchor Blocks <br /> <br />STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS <br />DIVISION 03 CONCRETE <br />Section 03000 Cast-in-Place Concrete <br /> <br /> Right-of-Way/Property Lines and Assessor Parcel Number (APN) <br /> Location of assembly in relation to RW/PL, sidewalks, driveways, etc <br /> Registered Engineer Stamp <br /> If pipe installation requires changes in vertical alignment, provide a profile view showing the <br />above bulleted items <br /> A profile view may be required at the District engineer’s discretion <br /> <br />6. Use and call out the following WAS standard drawings <br />STANDARD DRAWINGS - WATER <br />BACKFLOW PREVENTION DETAILS <br />WR-01 19mm through 50mm (3/4” through 2”) <br /> Reduced Pressure Backflow Prevention Device <br />WR-02 75mm (3") and Larger <br /> Reduced Pressure Backflow Prevention Device <br />FIRE HYDRANT AND FIRE SERVICE DETAILS <br /> WF-05 100mm (4") and Larger Fire Service Installation (1 of 2) <br /> 100mm (4") and Larger Fire Service Installation Notes (2 of 2) <br /> <br /> <br />If you have any questions please call Public Services at (619) 670-2241 or e-mail