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OTAY WATER DISTRICT <br />ENGINEERING, OPERATIONS & WATER RESOURCES COMMITTEE MEETING <br />and <br />SPECIAL MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS <br /> <br />2554 SWEETWATER SPRINGS BOULEVARD <br />SPRING VALLEY, CALIFORNIA <br />Board Room <br /> <br /> <br />TUESDAY <br />June 18, 2019 <br />12:00 P.M. <br /> <br />This is a District Committee meeting. This meeting is being posted as a special meeting <br />in order to comply with the Brown Act (Government Code Section §54954.2) in the event that <br />a quorum of the Board is present. Items will be deliberated, however, no formal board actions <br />will be taken at this meeting. The committee makes recommendations <br /> to the full board for its consideration and formal action. <br /> <br /> <br />AGENDA <br /> <br /> <br />1. ROLL CALL <br /> <br />2. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION – OPPORTUNITY FOR MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC TO <br />SPEAK TO THE BOARD ON ANY SUBJECT MATTER WITHIN THE BOARD'S JU- <br />RISDICTION BUT NOT AN ITEM ON TODAY'S AGENDA <br /> <br />DISCUSSION ITEMS <br /> <br />3. APPROVE AN INCREASE TO THE CIP P2619 BUDGET IN THE AMOUNT OF <br />$300,000 AND AWARD A CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT TO THARSOS, INC. FOR <br />THE TEMPORARY LOWER OTAY PUMP STATION REDUNDANCY PROJECT IN <br />AN AMOUNT NOT-TO-EXCEED $1,647,000 (MARCHIORO) [5 minutes] <br /> <br />4. APPROVE THE ISSUANCE OF A PURCHASE ORDER TO CORTECH ENGINEER- <br />ING FOR THE PURCHASE OF A PORTABLE TRAILER MOUNTED VARIABLE <br />FREQUENCY DRIVE PUMP IN AN AMOUNT NOT-TO-EXCEED $453,000 (MAR- <br />CHIORO) [5 minutes] <br /> <br />5. ADJOURNMENT <br /> <br /> <br />BOARD MEMBERS ATTENDING: <br /> Tim Smith, Chair <br /> Gary Croucher <br /> <br />