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1 <br />MINUTES OF THE <br />BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING OF THE <br />OTAY WATER DISTRICT <br />May 2, 2018 <br /> <br />1. The meeting was called to order by President Smith at 3:35 p.m. <br /> <br />2. ROLL CALL <br /> <br />Directors Present: Croucher, Gastelum, Robak (arrived at 4:45 p.m.), Smith <br />and Thompson <br /> <br />Staff Present: General Manager Mark Watton, Attorney Jeanne <br />Blumenfeld, Chief of Engineering Rod Posada, Chief <br />Financial Officer Joe Beachem, Chief of Administration <br />Adolfo Segura, Chief of Operations Pedro Porras, Asst. <br />Chief of Finance Kevin Koeppen, Asst. Chief of Operations <br />Jose Martinez, District Secretary Susan Cruz and others <br />per attached list. <br /> <br />3. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> <br />4. APPROVAL OF AGENDA <br /> <br />A motion was made by Director Croucher, and seconded by Director Thompson <br />and carried with the following vote: <br /> <br />Ayes: Directors Croucher, Gastelum, Smith and Thompson <br />Noes: None <br />Abstain: None <br />Absent: Director Robak <br /> <br />to approve the agenda. <br /> <br />5. LEGISLATIVE UPDATE <br /> <br />Ms. Rosanna Carvacho of Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber and Schreck provided an <br />update on the 2018 California Legislative session. She stated that the State of <br />California Legislature has two-year sessions and we are in the second year of <br />the two-year session. She indicated that because we are in the second year , any <br />bills that do not pass before the legislature by August 31, 2018 would be <br />considered “dead” and would need to be reintroduced in the next session (2019 <br />to 2020). She stated that there are approximately 3100 assembly bills and 1500 <br />senate bills introduced in the last couple years. <br /> <br />Ms. Carvacho also noted that the budget process is underway in the legislature <br />and hearings are being held on the budget proposed by the Governor in January. <br />The budget only requires a simple majority (in the past it required a 2/3 vote) and