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<br />OTAY WATER DISTRICT <br />BOARD OF DIRECTORS POLICY <br /> <br />Subject Policy <br />Number <br />Date <br />Adopted <br />Date <br />Revised <br />DISCONTINUATION OF WATER SERVICE FOR <br />DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS <br /> 54 1/1/2020 <br /> <br /> <br />Page 1 of 8 <br />I. PURPOSE <br />This Discontinuation of Water Service for Delinquent Accounts Policy <br />(Policy) has been established to adhere to the laws regarding <br />discontinuation of water service for residential customers due to non- <br />payment of their water bill as required by Government Code § 60370 et <br />seq. and Health & Safety Code § 116900 et seq. (California Senate Bill <br />No. 998). <br /> <br />II. BACKGROUND <br /> <br />California Senate Bill No. 998 requires an urban or community water <br />system, that supplies water to more than 200 service connections, to <br />have a written policy that provides for discontinuation of residential <br />water service for nonpayment. In the event that a water bill becomes <br />delinquent, the District will apply this Policy for the collection of <br />delinquent accounts, including notifications, fee assignments, and <br />discontinuation of service. The District can be contacted by phone at <br />(619)670-2222 to discuss options for avoiding discontinuation of water <br />service for nonpayment under the terms of this policy. <br /> <br />III. POLICY <br /> <br />ISSUANCE, DUE DATE, AND FINAL PAYMENT DATE OF STATEMENT OF CHARGES FOR <br />SERVICE <br /> <br />A. Issuance of Statements. Statements for water service or <br />other charges will be mailed or presented as soon as <br />practicable after the water meter has been read and the <br />applicable charges have been determined. <br /> <br />B. Due Date. Each statement issued by the District for such <br />charges shall be due and payable on the date of mailing or <br />other presentation to the customer. <br /> <br />C. Final Payment Date. All charges in each statement must be <br />paid on or before the final payment date shown on the <br />statement, which shall be at least 20 calendar days <br />following the date of mailing or presentation of the <br />statement. <br /> <br /> D. Payment of Charges. <br /> <br /> 1. Place of Payment. Payments shall not be credited to a <br />customer's account until cash, check, credit card, draft, <br />electronic funds transfer, money order, or any other